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Questionnaire for Initial Website Design
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Organization information:

Exact Name and Acronym of the organization:
Address, contact information. (Please attach logo if you have one).
If you do not have a logo, please advise if you want us to create one for you.

Mission statement and objectives of the organization:


Do you have a specific slogan or motto that you want on the front page?


Please provide information on the programs that you do and the services that you provide.


Brief history of the organization: when it was founded, by whom, any particular reason or story behind it, past achievements,. etc.


Names of board of directors and/or staff names and volunteers


Who is your target audience? Students – researchers – activists – policy makers – all of the above – others?


What is the primary language of the site? Will there be other languages used?

Website Design information:

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Internal Links:
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Feedback  Guest Book  Resource Links 
Publications  Press Release  Message Board 
Counter  Other:
About Us 

About Us (this includes mission, objectives and perhaps history – unless you want them separately)
You may substitute page/link title's, just let us know in the comments below
Internal Link Comments:

Do you have any images or photos of your work and your organization that you can send us either by email or by regular mail? Even more importantly, do you have a logo? If so, please mail or email them to us immediately.

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What type of support are you looking for? For instance, do you have a bank address and account number for people to send donations to? Would you like that to be on the site, or would you prefer just your contact info?
Support Info:

Hosting and Domain Name:
We are currently able to host your organization on our servers. Your organization's name would be:

If you would like to have an independent name, such as you would need to pay for the hosting and domain names.

Please let me know how you want to handle your hosting requirements and if you have any other suggestions, we will be very glad to help.

Hosting Comments:

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